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Catwoman Redesign by bloogun Catwoman Redesign by bloogun
Letís get real, I love Catwoman. And I hate the black saggy-leathered, short-haired, goggled look that sheís been sporting for the past 10 years (Sorry, Darwyn Cooke). I long for the days of Jim Balentís purple costumed badass, not this current wannabe incarnation. I thought Iíd transport the 90s classic into 2012 with the sleek look that comics and movies usually employ today. She has a velcro neck piece that can be opened or closed (zippers get in the way), green cat eye lenses, and a dark purplish brown suit. Iíd even prefer the 1940s dress and cape over the current Goku looking mess appearing in the New 52. Well, this started as a quick crappy design sketch but I kept painting and painting, enjoy!
fullmoon106 Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2012
Looks great. I like the colour because it's not too bright and the little details are cool. Still, I have to dissagree with you on the Darwyn Cooke suit. I think it's the best one so far. Jim Balent's suit was good too, but I'm not really a fan of Catwoman showing her hair. She should look sleek and feline and the long wavy hair kind of breaks that image. Also, it's more practical to keep long hair out of the way considering what she does. But everyone has their own taste. I for example absolutely hate the 60s domino-mask look. I don't think it works. Catwoman should always wear some sort of cowl. She also doesn't need any high heels, because she needs to be stealthy and graseful. That's why I didn't like Nolans Catwoman suit either, that was a big dissapointment.
bloogun Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Understandable! I see where you're coming from. I never warmed up to the black leather/no hair look. I know the hair is impractical, but that is the Catwoman I grew up with, and I kind of miss the Balent version. I suppose I like that take on Selina, being more glamorous and sure of herself as opposed to her current scruffy confused counterpart. I really didn't enjoy the New 52 Catwoman at all sadly, I wanted to! I thought the characters and writing were terrible, and the art is what saved it for me from being a total disaster. I intentionally made her hair straight here to avoid the cheesy 90s luxurious hair, and almost thought about having it tied up too. I'll probably do a few more drawings of this costume soon. But thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it anyway.
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October 4, 2012
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